LCM In Flowchart

LCM In FlowChart

Flowchart are used to represent the programming logic in a graphical form. It help depict the logic in a step-by-step process. This is better understanding of working of a process. In addition, this help you to evaluate the correctness of the logic of the steps involved in a process.

Drawing Flowcharts:-

A Flowchart is created by using a set of symbols and the flow of the process is indicated with arrows connecting the symbols. Each symbol represents an activity to be performed to solve the problem.

The following table lists the various symbols and the activities they represent

Start/End An oval represents a start or end point
Arrow A line is a connector that shows relationships between the representative shaps
Input A parallelogram represents input
process A rectangle represets a process
Decision A dimond indicates a decision
predefind process Indicates a named process, such as subrouting or a module
On Page Reference Use this shape to create a cross-reference from one provess to another on the same page of your flowchart
Off-Page Reference Use this shape to create a cross-reference and hyperlink from a process on one page to process an another page

Rule of Drawing a Flowchart

    American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommends a number of rules that need to be followed while drawing a flowchart. These rules are

  • The entire logic of a flowchart should be represented using standard symbols
  • The Flowchart should be clear, precise and easy to follow
  • The Flowchart should have only one start point and one end point
  • The step in a flowchart should follow top-to-bottom or left-to-right approach
  • All necessary inputs should be listed in logical order
  • The start and stop symbols should have only a single flow line
  • The input, process, output, and display symbols should have at least two flow line connecting to the previous symbol and to next symbol
  • The decision symbol should have one flow line flowing into it and to flow lines flowing out of it for each possible decision
  • Flowcharts should use page connectors if they extend over multiple pages

Now that you know about the various symbols used in a flowchart.Let get start the example of lcm in flowchart

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